Georgia Port Authority

The project scope is to develop a 55 acre site that includes two new security gate access points and 24 acres of asphalt pavement storage for twenty foot equivalent unit containers (TEUs).

The project also includes significant subcontracts for specialized trades such as Dynamic  Compaction, Electrical & High Mast Lighting, Communications, Structural Concrete, Steel  
Buildings, and Canopies.

As of June, 2015 the GPA moved more than 338,000 twenty-foot equivalent unit containers (TEUs), a 16.4 percent increase, and 2.9 million tons of freight, a 9.6 percent jump for the month. By the end of July, 2015, the GPA moved a record 3.66 million twenty-foot equivalent container units by rail,  an increase of more than half a million TEUs. 

Georgia’s ports have seen tremendous growth over the past fiscal year, and a lot of that was  because of the West Coast cargo diversions and the turnaround in the U.S. economy. This type of growth in this timeframe has put a lot of stress on the GPA’s infrastructure. The Gate 8 and Empty Yard Depot Phases 1 & 2 will help to eliminate some of the gate traffic and will open up over 24 acres of TEU space.

Project Scope and Quantities

  • 24 Acres of Clearing & Grubbing 5 Acres of Dynamic Compaction 10,000 Tons of Concrete Crushing 6,000 LF of Storm Drainage
  • 7,200 LF of Fire Line
  • 225,000 LF of Electrical Duct Bank 200,000 CY of Import Fill 50,000+ CY of Unsuitable Excavation     
  • 100,000 Tons of GABC
  • 40,000+ Tons of Asphalt Paving

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