SR307 / Dean Forest Rd.

THE $1.5 MILLION DEAN Forest Road Widening Project in Chatham County, Georgia, included the expansion of SR 307 from a two-lane highway to four-lane highway for a length of .5 mile. The project was divided into three phases. The first phase of the project consisted of the construction of new roadway including surcharge removal, storm drainage, graded aggre­gate base course, asphalt base course, asphalt binder course, asphalt surface course, concrete curb and gutter, concrete medians, grassed medians, traffic signals, striping, and signage. After the first phase of the project was constructed, traffic was shifted onto the new construction. Phase Two of the project contained the same components as the first phase as well as mill and inlay of much of the existing highway. Phase Three included the shifting of traffic to the outside lanes on the newly constructed roadway in order to allow all median work to be completed. The one traffic signal and remaining concrete islands were completed in this phase and traffic was placed in the final configuration. The project required special attention to the adjacent wetlands.