National Safety Month in June – Working Near Traffic

work zone 1Working on a jobsite can be a dangerous area but we can make it as safe as possible if we follow the proper steps to ensuring a job site is properly secured.

First we develop and use a site plan that provides traffic flow details that is safest for our employees and the traveling public. Our supervisors and foreman work closely together to develop a safe plan for traffic flow with the use of flaggers, traffic cones, and/or highway channeling devices to steer traffic away from response and recovery workers along the roadway. We also use standard road signs (e.g., “work zone ahead”), and message boards to warn approaching vehicles of work area. We give motorists plenty of warning of upcoming work zones by placing warning signs regarding road work distance, speed, and lane changes, etc. We ensure that the work zone is well lit, but control glare to avoid temporarily blinding response and recovery workers or passing motorists. DSC_0430

It is a goal of our company that our work sites are as safe as possible for our employees and the traveling public. Our employees go through extensive annual training for work zone safety and traffic control. We have a safety attitude to ensure everyone’s safety. We always stay inside the safe zone and always wear high visibility clothing so we can be seen!

Work Zone Crashes